Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Today was the first day of the 2013 swim season at our house! I know in some parts of the country spring is just starting to get geared up but here in my part of Texas the temps are already in the 90's.

Backyard view. Please ignore the hole in the fence, he will get it fixed sooner or later. :) But feel free to notice my Cactus Bed he planted for me last year.

We have an above ground pool in the back yard, which is not nearly as classy or glamorous as it sounds. But it is mine and I love it! The hubby doesn't enjoy swimming, but he keeps up all the maintenance for me. In fact, over the winter he single handedly  replaced the pool liner which had definitely reached the end of it's life after 13+ years (We have been here for 13 and it was here when we moved in). A lot of work goes into taking care of this pool and I don't have to do any of it. Not a bad deal, huh?

Tonight I got in a 20 minute swim, which doesn't sound like much but was more than enough to let me know how out of shape I am.

I know, but that's not the shape I have in mind!!

So, I am embarking on a plan to swim at least 3 times a week. This is not a new plan, it is one I try every year. And every year I fail. One year I got bronchitis and could not go near the pool. For the next 3 years after that I had trouble holding my breath under water for any length of time. And there have been the lazy years and the depressed years. But this year will be different! (I hope) It's not so much about losing weight (though that would be great) but about getting outside and getting some exercise. Taking advantage of all my hubby's hard work and care. After all, it's right there outside the back door, just waiting to be used.

Sunset view from the pool (and I didn't drop the phone!). Once again, please ignore the junk. :)

And this is the place where I run out of thoughts. That little swim wore me out and it's late. And I still have some clothes to put away for I can crawl my lazy butt into bed. So I'm gonna call it a night. I hope you had a wonderful, restful, and blessed weekend.

Always makes me smile! 

Love this thought.


  1. Can I come over for a swim? Yeah, right. We're half a world away.

    1. You and Rachael are welcome any time! :)


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