Monday, May 20, 2013

My Comfort Zone

Monday, May 20, 2013
How much do you push yourself to leave your comfort zone?

I am sitting here on my comfortable couch with my lap top and a cup of tea and I am looking at the question that NaBloPoMo has asked and I am thinking one thing.......Why would I??

And I guess that is the answer in itself. Nope, I don't push myself to leave my comfort zone. I like it here, it's comfortable! The people know me and accept my particular brand of crazy with grace (Oh, that's just Tamara, you'll get used to her).

I am rather like Diva here, curled up on her ducky having a nap. All comfy and cozy. Not a care in the world. Only I really do have cares and concerns. I really do have reasons that I must leave my comfort zone. I am just really good at ignoring them. (insert sheepish grin here)


I should tell you, I am trying very hard to stick to the writing prompts this month. It's my own personal challenge. However, I am not sure I can stretch this comfort zone thing into a whole week. So, we may veer off topic some, you have been warned.

And now I am off to tackle my Monday. I'll see you tomorrow for more Comfort Zone talk.....

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