Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday thoughts and some pictures...

It's Sunday, the day I usually reserve for sharing with you the inspiration I have picked up in cyberspace. Problem is I am behind on my blog reading and Twitter hasn't offered much in the way of inspiration this week. But have no fear! I did find some inspiration out there, and I am almost never at a loss of thoughts to share (inspiring or otherwise).

First, let's talk about goals. Last Wednesday I wrote about what a great procrastinator I am and how I am trying to change that. (You can read more here) To help motivate myself I have linked up with Rennata over at Growing Unique and posted a short list of goals for the week. Here they are:

  1. Finish scrapbook by Friday. This must be done in order to get it on time.
  2. Work on cross stitch. I have been working on this for a coworker for roughly 5 years. It was supposed to be a wedding present. She has 2 kids now. I am not kidding.
  3. Get back to my journaling. 
I am happy to say that I can cross #1 off my list! The book is done and ordered, and I think my friend will like it. I hope so, anyway. 
Unfortunately, #2 & #3 on my list have not been successful. And by that I mean I have not even touched either the cross stitch or the journal. So, those stay on the list, and I am going to add some new things. But I have not been completely lazy! I spent some time working on Christmas cards for my church this week, getting addresses on envelopes and such so that all my Pastor has to do is sign the cards and put on a stamp. I am in charge of the Birthday card ministry at church and took this Christmas card project as a way of helping him out. And it was worth it, I wish you could have seen his face when I handed him the first stack of cards. It was a wonderful feeling, being able to take some of the burden off him in some small way! My other accomplishment this week was helping my hubby install a new pool liner in our above ground pool. Yes, in December. We had no choice as the other one died a couple of weeks back and it was either take the pool down or install a new liner. So we did. And managed to not kill each other. I think that's a pretty huge accomplishment. (Cyber high-five's all around!)

Here's my list for the upcoming week:
  1. Work on cross stitch.
  2. Get back to my journaling. 
  3. Prepare Christmas cards and gifts for work Christmas Party on Friday.
  4. Spend more time in prayer*
*I actually have 1 more to add to the list, but I want to talk a little bit about #4 first. I have a calling as a prayer warrior. I know that as a believer, we are all called to pray, but I have known for a while now that I have a special directive to pray. I have tried to take the easy road on this, I started a Facebook prayer group almost 2 years ago at God's leading and then I sort of stepped back and tried to stay in the background. Sort of a "here you go God" moment. But He was not satisfied with that, and eventually I realized that His head is harder than mine and I needed to just do things his way. And it has been a great blessing. The Facebook prayer page is a wonderful place, where I find so much support and love. And this past spring I helped to revive a prayer group at work. Basically I send out weekly prayer emails and we meet once a month to pray for any needs of our work family. That has also been a huge blessing to me. But, as with most things in life, I allowed myself to get bogged down and distracted and I lost my focus on prayer. Then this week I had a great reminder when a coworker sent me a message through Facebook asking me to pray about some health problems she is dealing with. She was so kind and thankful just to be able to ask me. It reminded me that praying for needs is a blessing. It has always blessed me as much or more than the person I am praying for. And I need to keep it central in my life. So, I am striving to set aside some time for both prayer groups and for time in the word to inspire my prayer life. 

      5. Accept my award....what award you say?? The Liebster!!
Cool, right?? Larissa over at Papa is a Preacher awarded me last week, but I have been too busy to give it the thought it deserves. For those of you not familiar with the Liebster, here is the description that Larissa provided in her blog post:

" The Liebster Blog Award is an award given from bloggers to bloggers that are small to medium in size or up and coming in the blog-sphere.  Liebster is German for favorite.  The award is a way to give beginning bloggers some worthy attention, make connections and let readers learn a little more about you. "

The award comes with a list of 11 questions I have to answer, then I have to list 11 facts about myself, and finally chose 11 other blogs to award the Liebster to (although Larissa changed that number to 5 in her's, so I might be fiddling with that number, we'll see.) Normally, this is all done in one blog post, but I think I might play around with it some and spread it out over the week. It's a bit less overwhelming that way and allows time for focusing on my other goals.

Now, how about a few pictures?

This week is all me, pictures taken with my cellphone camera. I hope you enjoy them.
A cross on the Christmas Tree at Church
Ornaments on the Church Tree
A cool picture I took last weekend
Maggie, sleeping cuteness
Last, I'll leave you with some "Textgram" inspiration. I am loving this app on my phone, even though it's really a time suck and I need to be focusing on other things! :-)

I am going to link this blog with Larissa over here for her Tidbit Thursday (even though it's Sunday) & with Renneta here for her Setting goals Sunday. I encourage you to check them both out and consider linking up if you blog! Happy Sunday everyone and have a blessed week!

1 more, just for grins!


  1. Yay! You finished that scrapbook! Good for you! (:

    I hope you get lots done this week, and again . .. take your time with the award.. it's just for fun. :)

    Loved that last photo...!

    1. P.S. Thanks for linking up! :D

    2. Thanks Larissa! I have already started writing for the Liebster posts, so I think I can do this!!

  2. Way to go Tamara! And congratulations on the award from Larissa. I love the picture of the cross on the tree. It is beautiful.


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