Friday, November 2, 2012

It's finally Friday!!

I have said it before, I LOVE my job. I would have to, since I have been there for 16 years. I love the folks I work with and I love the environment I work in. We work hard, but we have fun. It's not life changing stuff, filling prescriptions for prison inmates. Well, it might be in some instances, but for the most part it's pretty routine stuff.

Yes, I love my job. Guess what I love more.......

The Weekend!

TGIF baby!! I am looking forward to being as lazy as I can manage between laundry, carpet cleaning, getting my hair done, going out to my mom's, and church. Geez, that list sounds kinda long! I might have to wear dirty clothes next week. Hmm, I wonder if they would notice? :-)

what Friday looks like!

what Saturday looks like!
And Sunday! Enjoying the presence of God! 

I wanted to leave you with one last thought as we head into Friday night:

Grace has a voice. It's yours.
I absolutely love that!

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