Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Something really cool happened

So the coolest thing happened!! Well, probably not THE coolest thing, but it is pretty cool, and a little scary. And it requires a little back story, so bear**with me.

**sidebar, is it "bear" or "bare"? This confuses me. "bare" sounds like I am asking you to get naked with me, which I am ABSOLUTELY NOT doing. "Bear" sounds like, well, a bear. As in wild animal. Grammar nazis, I need some help here. Oh crap, I don't think I should use the word nazi in a faith based blog.....and to make it worse spell check wants me to capitalize it...Grammar enthusiasts, PLEASE help me here!!!!!!!

Anyway, I have a Twitter account that until very recently I never used. Frankly, I am a Facebook girl. I love connecting with my family and friends and sharing pictures and such. Twitter never made much sense to me. Occasionally I do use it to cyber-stalk a few of my favorite celebs, but that was about it. Apparently I have been missing a lot, and the more I have gotten into blogging and following other bloggers, the more it has become obvious that I need to rethink Twitter.  So I have been playing around with it some, and last night I saw a post from FanBolt, which is a website all about all things entertaining (TV, movies, games, etc).

Here is a copy of their tweet:
 RT : FanBolt is still looking for passionate fans who want to write about their fave TV shows! If this is you let us know! :-)

So, on a whim, I answered:
  me!! I would love the chance to write about some of my favorite shows!

A few emails later I am going to be writing weekly reviews of Castle starting next week.
COOL, right?!?

It ain't a novel or anything, and it's totally for free, but who cares. I am just excited to try something new. I have the feeling that God is challenging me to come more out of my shell. Yes folks, I do believe that God is using a non-faith based website about the worldly world of TV to help me to stretch my comfort zone. God can use anything he wants, why not my love of TV shows??

So, pray for me as I prepare/obsess about this new thing. Pray that God will guide me, that I will have fun, meet some new people, and most importantly that God will work through me in a new way!

Also, pray I my writing doesn't look like this:
this guy probably doesn't belong in this blog either...sorry

 Okay, that is all for now! I just want to leave you with a wonderful thought I heard a church a couple of weeks ago:

God is not offended when we require His presence.*
*I may have to write more about this later

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