Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #4 (pre-Thanksgiving addition)

This week has been a struggle. My blood sugar has been a bit wonky and I am not feeling so great. The hubby has been sick and so is my carpool buddy, so Lord only knows what my body is trying to fight off!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and with it a 4 day weekend for me. So I fully expect that I will be reporting weight gain by this time next week. Well, actually I have to report some weight gain today, since I have gained about a pound since last Wednesday. Here are my current numbers:

Current weight: 254lbs
Current Fasting blood sugar: 99

My weight has been fluctuating a lot over the past week, the highest number being 256. It is so FRUSTRATING!! But I just keep plodding away (literally since my primary exercise at the moment is walking) and trying not to be too discouraged. Life is, after all, a series of hills and valleys, highs and lows. Why would weight loss be any different?

Do me a favor, will you? Keep me in your prayers. And my hubby, he is trying to quit smoking and is really struggling. He wants to quit, but has smoked for his entire adult life, it is a huge part of his day and his identity. He needs God's strength and his inspiration to find a new way to live cigarette free.

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Love this!!

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