Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Thoughts and pictures

I read an interesting and enlightening post this week over at my friend Jerimi's blog "My Antidepressant Life". It was titled Mental Health Club and it really hit home. In her post Jerimi talks about coming to the realization that in order to ensure good mental health we have to be willing to work at it everyday. Ugh.

Can I just say that at this very moment my inner child is kicking and screaming... I. DON'T. WANT. TO. I just don't. Don't get me wrong, I want to feel good, but I want it to be easy. I don't want to have to work at it. Jerimi's thoughts don't just apply to mental health either. They apply to all areas of my life (DANG IT!). I struggle with my weight and diabetes and frankly a large part of that struggle is making the right choices in food and exercise. I am an emotional eater. I take comfort from food, always have. But, the foods I crave are not ones that lead to emotional or physical well being. I have to make better choices. I have to be faithful to my body and my mind. And I have to make sure these choices are things I can stick with over the long haul. They have to be sustainable. I'll say it again. UGH.

If I am being completely honest with myself I have to admit one other area of my life where I need to apply some sustainable life choices. That would be my relationship with God. Let's face it, I am a lazy Christian. I treat God the same way I treat myself. I want things to be easy. I want Him to be available to me when I need Him, to answer my prayers and provide for me and my loved ones. But I don't want to do my part. I don't spend time reading His word. I don't spend time talking to Him, I mean really talking, not just asking for stuff. I am no better than a 4 year old with a Christmas list (I want this, I want that, give me-give me-give me!!!).

I need to make some changes. Changes I can live with, changes that will help me grow in my walk as a person of faith. Something tells me that if I make those changes a priority that God will guide me in the other changes I need to make to improve my mental and physical health.Oh, I am going to have to give this a lot more thought. Thanks Jerimi! ;-)

Okay, that's enough introspection for now, how would you like some pictures?

My first 2 pics I want to dedicate to Jerimi, who is a fan of the Sunflower, just like me. I took these with my phone, so the quality isn't the best it could be, but I like them! :)


Beautiful from the back too!

This pretty girl is my own Maggie Mayhem, named for a character from my favorite TV show, Falling Skies. Originally she was simply Maggie May, but as her personality developed the "hem" was inevitable! 

My Maggie Mayhem!

Next we have a lovely cactus bloom. This is from my mom's house, my cactus is growing like crazy but not blooming at all.

This one is one of my current favorites because it makes me think of my step dad, Ken. Lone Star Sign Co. was the name of the sign company he owned when he met my mom. My hubby found a box of these old pencils in Ken's old workshop. They have to be at least 35 years old!! Of course, I had to have a few as keepsakes, but the rest will be put to good use, just as he would want!

My honeysuckle bush is finally starting to take off. It has struggled the last 2 years with the drought we have had, but this year it is busting out all over!

And finally we have me. Every now and then when I am having a decent hair day I try to grab a self portrait. I am not a huge fan of my own face as a rule and I am trying to get over that!

Okay, that's all I have for this evening! I hope you had a great weekend and are getting geared up for the week ahead.


  1. Amen, sister! :) Thank you! And thank you for the joy of seeing your smiling face. (And the joy in your smiling face.)

    1. Thank YOU! Your post gave me a lot to consider and it was a pleasure to be able to share it! :)

  2. Such a lovely picture of you! It is funny how we never like to take a picture of our selves, right? Your pictures are so great, I thought the first one was a painting at first. Those sunflowers are so beautiful! That rust colored one is exceptional. What a great discovered of your step-dads pencils. Great memories, and you can never have too many pencils! (I found one not to long ago that I made up for my late hubby like 20 years ago, and it said "I love you Charlie". I think it was a hello from heaven on a day when I needed it. Have a good week!

    1. Winnie, thanks! I am so glad you like the pictures! Those sunflowers are wonderful, aren't they?! A sunflower never fails to make my heart lift!


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