Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Funnies

It's Friday! I actually have this silly little song that gets stuck on a loop in my head on Fridays. Well, not really a song, just a verse. See, years ago one of my friends at work (who has since moved on to bigger and better things, like being the mommy of twins) used to do this song and dance every Friday.

"It's finally Friday, It's finally Friday!"

 Okay, it loses something in translation. But in my head I hear it clearly in her sing song voice and I see her dancing around. And it always lifts my spirits!

I think that silly song (and wonderful friend) are the true inspiration for "Friday Funnies". I guess I am hoping to give you that same feeling of simple joy and expectation. A small dose of humor to finish off the week and start the weekend off right.

Okay, enough introspection! How about some funnies???

I have moments like this all the time!

lol! ;)

dragon slaying

so wrong...but so funny!

this may have happened once or twice at my house.

what would we do without Facebook to keep us current on the important stuff!
Just some random cuteness. We all need random cuteness

love this one.

I usually try to narrow my selections down so as not to overwhelm you, but this week I think I need that extra dose of fun (and maybe you do too)! A few folks have asked where I find this stuff. Well, if you are a Facebook friend you know that I get a lot of it from there (hopefully I am not boring you with the repeats from my page). I also have a Pinterest board completely dedicated to quotes and humor. I sort of collect these random things, always have. My computer is full of them and so is my phone and now even my kindle has a file for them. The good news is we will never run out! 

this is so true.

Okay, I'm done! Now, let's get out into the big bad world and share some smiles! Have a beautiful day!


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