Thursday, March 21, 2013

being faithful to myself

So, over in Thursday Thankfulness this morning I talked about going to the doctor yesterday with the hubby. We talked a lot about the issues affecting my husband (many of which scared me pretty good) but we weren't there just for him. We did spend a little time going over my blood work and discussing changes in some of my meds.

One thing I am not happy about, my A1C is high. This is a blood test that gives you a 3 month overview of your glucose levels. Something a diabetic needs to know. Especially one who hasn't been taking very good care of herself. And my A1C definitely showed that. It has been sneaking up a few points at a time for a while now. Currently it is at 7.2. This is the highest it has been since I was diagnosed about 10 years ago.

Back at the first of the year I spent promised myself I would be more faithful about tracking my blood sugar and taking better care of myself. Obviously I have not been doing this. So, I am going to (reluctantly) rededicate myself to taking better care of myself.

This mornings fasting blood sugar was 110, which is actually pretty good. Of course, last night at around 11:00pm it was 150, which is not so good. It was 2 hours after a meal (I am going to have to start eating earlier) and it should have been around 120.

And speaking of exercise, I am going to have to start. Again. Blah.

I am really going to try to make the lifestyle changes I need in order to get my A1C back down and lose some of this extra weight I am carrying around. I just wish the whole process was easier.....


  1. I don't know what your eating habits are, but I decided to commit to a Daniel Fast this Easter (Lent) season. I had no intentions/hopes of losing weight while on it, but that's what has been happening. I've been dropping weight consistently and NOT struggling to eat the food allowed on the fast. I'm debating making a change to this type (mostly vegan) of diet on a more permanent basis. I have quite a bit of weight to lose and have struggled with it for years.

    I am at risk for diabetes. I know I need to control my diet and exercise, but haven't. This, so far, has been a great experience for me. I'm learning to eat much healthier. Not to mention the added time in prayer.

    1. I will have to check it out! Thank you. This is a life long struggle and I am always looking for new ways to manage. :)

  2. I can't imagine. It must be so hard. From what I know anything can throw things off.

    1. Yes, it can. I actually have been very lucky so far, which is dangerous in its own way because it makes you complacent. The key to overcoming is to always be aware of your body and what you are doing to it. Is it hurtful or helpful? How will it impact me down the road? All in all, it can be very tiring!


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