Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writing prompts and my heart

I just realized that the NaBloPoMo writing prompts have gone completely out the window. I haven't even looked at them in at least a week. Depression, worry, and stress took their toll. I am feeling better now, but the prompts still hold no interest for me. Maybe that is for the best. I enjoy the occasional challenge of writing for a prompt, but I also need the release of writing wherever my fingers & God lead me. It is a wonderful feeling to sit down at the computer and just type. To see where my heart wants to go. 

Heart, fingers, and God. Not my brain. Because most of the time my brain wants to go to dark places that fill me with fear and uncertainty. That brain, it is an important gift from God. But all to often I find it has been overwhelmed by the worries of life. My heart, on the other hand, yearns for the light of God's love. It is more willing to trust, to be still and see what God will do. My heart instinctively follows the light. My brain worries and rationalizes and over analyzes. It is not really good at being still.

The writing prompts have been a challenge. And some have even been fun. But I think I am done with them for the time being. I think I need to follow my inner prompts for a while and see where that takes me. :)

P.S. It is Thursday and I would be so happy if you clicked here to see what I am thankful for.

P.S.S. I saw this on Facebook last night and it spoke to me. It said, "post me on your blog, someone out there needs to see me." So, here you go somebody.....


  1. I'm glad you are going to go back to writing from your heart. I think those posts mean so much more than most of what comes out of writing for a prompt from someone else. hat's good for a once-in-a-while challenge, but maybe a bit hard to sustain for a whole month.


    1. Yes, I definitely found it to be too difficult to maintain. I am feeling much better now that I gave them up! Thanks for stopping by Julie. :)

  2. OK. I needed to see that quote. It's quite hard for me to believe that the things I despise about me are things others could love. I'll get there one day, I hope, but for now? Thank you for the reminder! xo

    1. You are welcome! I knew someone (besides me) might need that! I am glad it was you. :)


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