Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday thoughts and pictures

So, back at the first of the year I told you about choosing my "one word" for 2013.

Since it's the last Sunday of January I thought it might be a good time to look back and see how I am doing and what I might need to focus on in the future.

  • First and foremost, how am I doing in my faithfulness in relation to God? Well, this area can use some work. This blog helps, writing here helps to keep me grounded in my faith. It makes me more conscious of my thoughts, are they a reflection of God or of myself? More often than not I don't like the answer, but it does drive me to be more aware.
  • I  have also realized I need to be more faithful in my prayer life. I have mentioned before that I am part of a Facebook prayer group and a prayer group at work. I have realized that I have not been participating in these groups as actively has I have been in the past. I feel I have a calling to prayer in my life. But I haven't been embracing this calling. So this is an area I need to work on. 
  • The second most important area of my life that deserves my faithful attention is my marriage. It is very easy, when you have been with someone most of your life, to fall into a pattern of unintended disregard. You begin to take your mate for granted. You stop focusing, stop seeing the places in your relationship that need tending. That has happened in my marriage. Over the last few weeks we have been working on reconnecting and rebuilding the trust and friendship that has to be the foundation of any relationship. It is an ongoing process, not something that we can call complete after a few weeks or months. So, this is an area that will need my attention as well.
  • My health. I mentioned my diabetes and that I needed to be more faithful to checking it and watching my diet here. Mentioned it and then forgot about it. Well, I didn't really forget, I just didn't do what I needed to do. And I am feeling the effects. My legs have been hurting a lot and I have noticed more swelling in my feet and hands. And my weight (always a struggle) is up. So, I am going to make a real effort here. Starting tomorrow I will log my blood sugar 3 times a day and do my best to document it here as a tool to keep me honest. I also went grocery shopping for some healthy lunch options so I won't be so tempted to eat out, which I can't really afford anyway.
  • I really want to read more this year. I am, at heart an avid reader. But due to life circumstances and stress, I don't read as much as I once did. For instance, I have a great, short book that I borrowed from a coworker last fall and I have not finished it yet. I didn't even start it until January 1st. I am only 1/2 way through. My goal, to finish it and begin something new. To take some quiet time for myself. That sounds wonderful.

Okay. I think that's it, for now. I have definitely hit the areas of greatest importance to me. :)

 Now, how would you like a couple of pictures?

side of the road picture

my back yard view

It's strange, but the angle of this picture just draws me to it. 

And now for some humor!


  1. I love your word choice. I can relate too in some area.
    Nice pictures by the way.
    Have a nice week.


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