Monday, January 28, 2013

Look out world, Monday's here

I love this!
A new work week is upon us. Can I tell you part of me is really not looking forward to it? With all the changes taking place, there is a lot of tension and hurt floating around the workplace. And frankly, dealing with my own emotions is hard enough without all that negative influence. Somehow I have to find a way to overcome all of this and be the best reflection of God's presence that I can be. My very human heart doesn't want to do this. It wants to be angry. It wants to be hurt.

In an effort to "get my head on straight" this morning I decided to watch a video on TED. I love TED. I love how you can find talks on all kinds of subjects there. Science and tech, faith and art. Just about anything you can imagine can probably be found there. Today I decided to watch "Israel and Iran: A love story?" by Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry. First of all, can I tell you that this talk really puts my little workplace angst into perspective? Yeah, it's important to me, but in the grand world view, it is not important at all. I won't ruin the talk for you, click the link and watch it. And then ask yourself how big your problems are really and what you can do to change them. How can you (and I) reach out to the world around us to affect a change?

Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)

P.S. Today's blood sugar readings, as promised: 10:15pm Sunday 107. 4:10am Monday126 (fasting)

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