Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday thoughts and pictures..Michael & Lidija

This has been a very slow, very lazy day for me. Other than 2 trips to the grocery store (forgot the cinnamon on the first trip) I haven't done too much today. Well, I did a little writing, but not for this post. So, here I sit, with a pumpkin pie in the oven (the reason I needed cinnamon), my hubby watching a special on the Titanic on TV (and giving me a running commentary), exchanging Facebook messages with a friend while I write this. I just love multitasking! :-)

I didn't make it to church today because hubby wasn't feeling well last night and I stayed up really late/early with him. In the past, when he has felt bad like that we have ended up in the ER, so I was afraid to go to sleep until I knew he was going to be okay. He is fine now, thank God.

Staying up with him got me to thinking about 2 ladies that I have become Facebook friends with in the past week. Jennifer and Vivian are both parents struggling to care for children who cannot eat like the rest of us.

I wrote a blog post about Vivian's daughter, Lidija, here. Since I wrote that little post, Vivian and I started talking on Facebook and she introduced me to Jennifer. Jennifer's son, Michael, an adorable 3 year old; suffers from a different problem than Lidija, but with the same results.

Michael..Isn't he a handsome boy?

Michael has FPIES, an extreme food allergy. His doctors say this is the worst case of FPIES they have seen because Michael has been allergic to every food they have tried. So, this little boy can only eat Neocate.

As I shared in my post about Lidija, the makers of Neocate changed their formulation and many children have suffered severe, life threatening reactions to the change. And just like Lidija's family, Jennifer and her husband are trying raise money to buy as much of the old, blue label Neocate as they can find. Because the alternative is unthinkable.

You can read more about Michael here, and donate to help him here.

I don't have children. So perhaps I can't really imagine what Jennifer and Vivian are facing. I just know that they can't face it alone. They need our help. Yes, they need money, and I hope if you have it to give that you click the links and give (I will give both again at the end of this post).

Even more than money, they need our prayers. Prayer is a powerful thing. I have talked about this before. Prayer really does change things. So please, pray for Michael and Lidija, and for their families. Give if you are able and share their stories with your friends and family. Literally, the lives of these children depend on it.

To give to Lidija, go to

To give to Michael, go to

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As always, thank you for stopping by to visit, and have a blessed week! xoxoxo


  1. Thank you so much for sharing our struggle with your viewers. We are in a tight spot, if this company doesn't fix what they have done our children will be in heaven. Though that is a nice place for them, I am not ready for him to leave me. So please help, tell everyone you know about these kids. Lets spread the word so we can help other children affected that haven't heard about nutricias mistake.
    With Love and much Faith,
    Jennifer Gonzalez

    1. you are welcome. I wish I could do more.

  2. Tamara, you make me so glad that I have "met" you! Thank you for all the love you are are pouring out in the world, especially upon these precious little babes.

    1. Once again, I feel I should be thanking you for "introducing" me to Vivian and Lidija. My only hope is that my little post will help them and Michael in some way.

      And Tara, I am glad I "met" you too. :-)

  3. Dropping by to say Happy New Year and bless your heart dear. God's love in deeds through you.
    Yes, it is important to help in every way we can!
    May your new year be blessed:)

    1. Thank you Joy! I appreciate you stopping by! Love you, my friend!


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