Monday, October 1, 2012

I am a scifi FAN

And I capitalized FAN for a reason. I love to lose myself in other realities. I suppose it is an extension of my love of reading. I just love a good story. (Have I said "love" enough??)
One of my favorite shows is "Falling Skies", which is a great story about the survivors of an alien attack of earth....but I am getting off track here. The point is, this is one of my favorite shows.

Not long ago I stumbled across a blog written by one of the producer's of the show, so of course I started following it. It's fun, getting a small peek behind the scenes. Anyway, not long ago he posted a blog asking for fan questions and naturally I had a few. Then the coolest thing happened today, he answered my questions! I was so excited, and why not?!? This man, who is obviously an important "somebody", took the time to answer my questions (& a lot of other people's too...but who cares about that! )

But here's the thing, in the grand scheme of life who is this man to me? Nobody really. What impact does he have on my life? I enjoy the show he works on, sure; but if it went off the air tomorrow I would just move on to my next "favorite" show. So why am I so happy that he took the time to respond to me? What does it matter? And more to the point, when was the last time I got this excited about my conversations with God? 

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I can't enjoy a good TV show or book. But I need to stop and think, to consider where I am placing these things in relation to my walk with my Father. Because that is the one relationship that shapes all the others. My conversations with Him form the foundation for EVERYTHING else. If I am not listening, if I am not involved in the discussion, & if I am not excited about I am hearing, then how can I grow? I can't. Plain and simple. 

God has to be my primary focus, not to the exclusion of the world, but to the inclusion of it. Does that make sense? If my focus is on God and I am walking the path he has laid out for me, it seems that it would open up more possibilities, more opportunities for sharing him with the world. Rather than fitting him into the world, as I a prone to do, I need to fit the world into my walk with him. 

Honestly, this is not where I saw this post going when I I have given myself something to think about. :)


  1. You are inspirational... Even if it weren't to God per-say, Even if it were just to spend as much energy into creating good will... It just makes you think.

    1. WOW! A blogger I follow read my blog! And liked it! HAPPY DANCE!!

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words, it means a lot to me. :)


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