Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Funnies Christmas edition

Welcome to the Christmas edition of Friday Funnies! I have been hoarding up the Christmas memes for at least a month now, like a squirrel with nuts for the winter. So, we should have enough for the whole month! :)

I think Santa might have had too many Christmas cookies! And maybe so kiddos might be getting coal in their stockings!
This one just makes me giggle!
And this one made me LOL!
But this one, this one is just flat out truth. We haven't had a full size tree with ornaments in YEARS for this very reason!
I love the magic and all out fun of Christmas. The decorations and the lights everywhere, the Christmas songs playing on the radio. Santa and Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, these are part of the magic, but they are not the reason. For me, the reason is Christ. His birth, the beginning of his journey through life and to the cross. The Prince of Peace. I am saved by his sacrifice. And I am grateful. Merry Christmas!

Image source (though I added the verse)


  1. Such great funnies and a beautiful one to finish with! Congrats on the 2lbs! I give you credit, as I know I need to start, but I know I can't kid myself this time of year I will be indulging and having parties and food. Maybe in the New Year for me. Thank you for my card (as a card maker, it is rare to get one, and it made my day!) Your thoughtful letter and the pictures were a delight! I love the postcard (heck, so many of us buy the old ones for collages etc...Thanks again for the kindess!!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed them! Merry Christmas Winnie!


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