Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Funnies

Well, it's Friday again! And it's October, which for those of you in "the know" means that 31 Days of Faithfulness is taking place in my little corner of the blogosphere. Now, you might be asking yourself "Self, how is she going to work Faithfulness into Friday Funnies??" Well Self, let me tell you. God has a sense of humor. I know, I know, it seems impossible. I mean, so many of our leaders in the religious world have painted Him as such a serious and brooding judge. But really people, He created us! If that doesn't speak to a seriously twisted and fun sense of humor, what does???

I started Friday Funnies as a easy way to close out the week and maybe increase my readership a bit. I kept it up even on the bad days because it never fails to make me smile (and because I know of at least 2 people in the blogosphere that might come out swinging if I abandoned it). But now that I give it some thought, I think I will continue it as an act of faith. Faith in His sense of humor, faith that bad times pass, and that He is always with me. And I think that maybe He enjoys my Funnies too!

no kidding!!


all my cats think this


I know, I know. Christian blog. But this Christian happens to watch this show and thinks this is hilarious!

Okay, that's all folks! Now, let's get out there and make this day great!!

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  1. I LOVE your Friday Funnies! Did you notice that Supernatural season 8 is on Netflix, now? I did. If you don't hear from me in a week, send help. ;)


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