Monday, September 30, 2013

31 days of faithfulness

As I may have mentioned yesterday, I have decided to participate in the 31 days challenge over at The Nesting Place. This writing challenge is a bit less restrictive than some others, there are no writing prompts or topics provided. The idea is for you to pick your own topic and then spend the 31 days of October diving into it. So, less restrictive, but more challenging. I hope I am ready for this!

When I read about this challenge (over and My Antidepressant Life) I was intrigued. I haven't attempted a challenge since my last NaBloPoMo, in which I failed miserably. About halfway through I was overwhelmed with boredom and just lost my interest in writing anything. Since then I have cut way back on my posts, writing when the spirit moves and posting my Friday Funnies. So, I am more than a little nervous about tackling this challenge!

Nerves and doubts aside, once I had decided I wanted to try this challenge, picking a topic wasn't too hard. After all, it is my biggest personal challenge, trying to live a faithful life. "Faithful" is the "one word" I choose for this year, and it has been something that I have definitely struggled with my entire life. This month I want to really look at what "faithfulness" means in my life and how it shapes my world. I hope that this time of introspection will help me grow and will provide you with some interesting and thought provoking reading.

Here we go!! :)

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