Monday, May 13, 2013

Trapped in an elevator!

Monday, May 13, 2013
If you had to be trapped in an elevator, which friend would you want trapped with you and why?

I don't like this question!! Why do I have to be trapped in an elevator? Why didn't I take the stairs?!? See, I have a bit of claustrophobia so I am not a fan of elevators. Especially the ones with people on them. I tend to avoid them (the people and the elevators) wherever possible.

I think if I had to be trapped in an elevator I would want the following:
  • an empty elevator
  • proper air conditioning and ventilation
  • A comfy seat
  • A good book
  • a strong cellphone signal with a full battery and free WiFi.

 I think the first 4 points are self explanatory. The phone is for calling 911 and my husband to let him know I'm going to be late. The WiFi is important because it will link me to the world. Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, I am sure I can find someone in my social networks to keep me company. And I could access my blog and read other blogs. So, I wouldn't be alone, but I wouldn't have to deal with those pesky oxygen hogging people taking up space in my already too small elevator!

If I had all of that (and bathroom facilities) I could be perfectly happy in my elevator. In fact, it's starting  to sound like a pretty good deal, where do I sign up for this elevator??


In other news, I hope all you moms out there had a great mother's day, filled with lots of love and joy. My mom didn't even know it was mother's day until I told her! She very seldom looks at a calendar and since I am her only child there was no one else to let her in on the secret! :)

I would also like to ask for prayers for my sister (on my dad's side). Last night her laundry room caught fire. Everyone got out of the house safely and the fire was contained to the laundry room but there is a lot of smoke and water damage throughout the house. Of course I am beyond grateful that no one was hurt and the damage is not more severe, but the clean up is not going to be easy (my sis is still recovering from some surgery she had last month). Please pray that everything falls into place for them with the insurance company and that the clean up goes smoothly. Thanks!

Be blessed and have a beautiful day! :)


  1. I love your elevator post, Tamara. It really made me smile! When I was at college, we had a roving elevator, called at paternoster, which would just slowly cycle round the building on a loop. If you wanted to get on, you just stuck your foot out as the floor rose to meet you. Same thing when you wanted to get off. It was tricky, though. For the first year of my course, I always took the stairs! But how horrible for your sister. So glad everyone got out safely. And praying for a speedy and simple clean-up.

    1. Okay, I had to Google a Paternoster and OMG!! I would NEVER ride one, you are so brave! On Wikipedia they explained how it runs at a slower speed than the traditional elevator to "improve the chances of getting on and off successfully". That right there told me all I needed to know! ;)

  2. I like your Elevator as well. I spend a fair amount of time in elevators at work between my building and the court. There are times that the whole trip is a prayer that the elevator not get stuck.

  3. Thanks for sharing your elevator post. I had not thought about my elevator ordeal for quite some time until I read your post this morning. Of course, I had no choice in the matter, but while working security at our local hospital, I was once stuck in an elevator with a Mortician and a patient who had recently passed away. Although my two elevator companions were a little short on conversation, thanks to a strong phone signal, I was able to spend the hour catching up on responding to emails. If given the choice, I would rather have been stuck alone. Not that I’m anti-social at all but…..

    1. Yes, I can see how this would have been slightly uncomfortable! I don't consider myself easily creeped out by death (a fact of life, after all) but I think that ride would have been creepy! **shiver**. Thanks for stopping by and sharing that nugget! :)

  4. Hahaha you're right! That elevator sounds like a good deal! :)

    Keeping your sister in my prayers.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

    P.S. I've already mailed your letter. :) Hope it gets there soon and well.


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