Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday thoughts and pictures

It's been a lazy Easter weekend. That is one of the perks of being childless, all my weekends can be lazy. No running around caring for little ones, making sure they get to soccer or ballet or whatever. No Easter egg hunts to prepare for and clean up after. As much as I once wanted a child, I can see now that I really don't have the temperament for them. I enjoy my "me" time too much. :)

 Anyway! It's been a quiet, lazy day. I've got almost all my laundry done and I have been cleaning and reorganizing my bedroom since we installed my new bookcase. What? I didn't tell you about my new, handcrafted, custom made bookcase? It's beautiful. Nothing too fancy, because I am not really a fancy girl. Something just perfect for me. My husband built it for me and is at this moment out back in his workshop re-purposing the store bought storage center that used to sit where the bookcase is now so I can use it elsewhere. I do love a handy man! ;)

(I took this picture before I filled it up completely so you could see more of the lovely finish!

Isn't it beautiful? He worked so hard on this, measuring and cutting, fussing over each detail. This is only the second piece of furniture he has ever built, can you believe it?? I have been sitting on my bed half the day, just looking at it. I already have visions of the matching shelves that will go around the room and hold my stuffed animal collection (no judging!!).

Besides drooling over my new bookcase and doing housekeeping junk, I did manage to take some pictures this weekend. Of course, you know they are pictures of flowers. But I did manage to get one or two other things as well!

I never get tired of the simple beauty of a petunia

This is my Pepper. Isn't she pretty?!?
A Rose.

We saw this van on the way home yesterday, sitting outside a local business with a for sale sign. I thought it was cool. :)

My mom got 2 new puppies! They are so much fun!

This is Copper. His sister doesn't have a name yet. Mom is still working on it!

If you are a regular here (hi and thank you!!) you know that on Sunday's I like to share links to other blogs that I have read that have impacted me in some way. This week I have one written by one of my fellow contributing authors over at The Falling Skies Blog, Justin Mathai. Justin is a very talented writer who I am sure has an incredible future ahead of him. This week he posted a haunting short story titled Home. Go read it and if you like it, leave Justin a comment to encourage him in pursuing and honing his gift. 

That's all I have for tonight. It's getting late and I still have things to do. I hope you had a beautiful and blessed Easter weekend and are geared up for a great week! 

good advice!

I'm heading into this week looking for that new thing God is going to do for me!


  1. Hi Tamara! Thanks for the link and the kind words! And I must say I love your photography. I've just recently discovered the wonders of a digital camera and I find beautiful nature shots (like that petunia) to be very inspiring. Also, the way you captured that old Ford van was pretty cool--old cars are awesome photo subject and the way you set up the shot and cropped it came out very nice! Anyway, hope your week is great and thanks again for the mention :)

    1. Thank you! The great thing about digital photography is that you can take 1000 shots keep only the best and delete the rest of them! So it's easy to feel like a "real" photographer! :)

      You are welcome for the mention, I am honored to be able to help promote your gift in any way I can.

  2. Happy Easter the post and especially the bookcase and Pepper. I wish you all the joy of The Lord, that's what He has in store for you each and every day <3

    1. Hey my friend! I hope you had a joyous Easter. Thank you for the compliments, Isn't Pepper beautiful? And very well aware of that fact! :)
      I am so happy with my new bookcase, I am still staring at it!

      I hope you are having a great week, thanks for stopping by!


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