Thursday, January 10, 2013

blogging tasks

What blogging task takes up a lot of your energy?

My answer, making sure I don't sound stupid. Honestly. I will write something and the words will just flow from my fingers. I feel blessed and joy filled. Then I finish and proceed to read and reread my words, picking them apart and worrying myself silly! Why?

Blogging is fun, at least until my insecurity demons get in the way. Then it really does become a task. I need to find the balance between proof reading and obsessing.

Does anyone else struggle like this? Or is it just my crazy issue?

Oh, I did get my Castle review done this morning and it's up on the sight. Here is a link if you are interested: Click HERE!

And don't forget it's Thursday, which means a thankfulness post is here.

And finally I will leave you with this really funny picture a friend tagged me in on Facebook this morning. 

Is she trying to tell me something?? ;)


  1. Blogging task that takes the most energy? How about everything involved in the process?! ;) I'm like you, every word is scrutinized before I press that "publish" button. I like reading the words that flow on your blog. They make me smile!

  2. I have my hubby proofread my blog. I love the craft aspect of it, but I am always questioning myself. Hubby leaves it as written so it will be "my voice" but checks for some of my "made up words" that I am known for. For me, it is the crafting first, then blogging it that takes time. I like to enjoy the craft aspect, so I make what I am working on, and then when I have a few things done I like to blog them and schedule them.

    1. Good plan! Maybe I should ask my hubby to do that! ;)


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