Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday thoughts and pictures

Oh, it feels like it's been forever since I wrote anything here. I did post yesterday, but I wouldn't say it was "writing". Just a quick post to let you know I was still breathing. Writing has been hard this week. I have all these thoughts, but when I sit at the keyboard the words seem to get stuck. Does that happen to you?

Anyway! Enough about my little case of writers block! How about I share with you some of the greatness I have found online??

There are Christmas Miracles happening over at Single Dad Laughing. The story starts with a dog bite and ends with a $10,000 gift from the blogosphere to help a family in need. It's pretty amazing. And for those who read the first post and get upset about the dog, please read here for more info on that. And try not to miss the miracle that whole incident brought about. God really does use ALL things for good!

Just before the events in Newtown, CT I read an amazing blog post over at Titus 2 Tea. I meant to share it last week, but didn't. This morning I went back and reread it and realized again how powerful and timely the message is. Especially in the wake of the senseless violence in Newtown and elsewhere in the world. It is titled The God of Stillness and is so beautiful. I encourage you to go read it in full, but I will share my favorite passage with you:

"My anger has nowhere to go. I open my heart, my hands, so Father can lift it away.  Tears flow from frustrated eyes because He is the God who is able, but the God who sometimes says no. And my heart pounds grief.

Be still, He whispers. He means it.

I try. Swallow hard. But I speak out of disappointment. Confusion. Rebellion.

Great is My faithfulness, He reminds. I am the God who sees. My ways are not your ways. I am loving toward all that I have made. Trust Me.

My soul stills. I can not force my heart to understand His. I cannot will myself strong and wise. He alone is God. He alone is good. He alone is faithful.

Grace washes over me. Always more grace to soothe the wounds, heal the confusion, soften the harshness. Gratitude replaces discontentment. I watch quietly, awestruck with wonder, as a wellspring of joy splashes up where anger left me dry and thirsty."

Please, go read the whole thing. It's beautiful. God works through Karen, and she is a blessing to me.

I have to wrap this up, because I really have to go get dressed and head to church for Praise and Worship Team practice. Can I share with you one of the songs we will be singing today? It is "Christmas Offering" by Paul Baloche. I've been listening to it on You Tube while I was writing this, it's lovely.

And lastly,  let me leave you with this beautiful image to remind us all of the reason for the season:

Have a beautiful, blessed day, and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hey, I just read about 26 Acts over on Ramblings of an Empty Mind - (read it here:

    I know what I'm doing this break to pull me into the holiday spirit! Thought you might appreciate it as well.

    1. thank you for sharing this! I had not heard of it either. What a wonderful memorial!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments and for following me. Your post is so full of Christmas spirit and love. I had never heard that song before and enjoyed it so very much. I am off to check out the blogs you listed. Wishing you and those you love a blessed Christmas!

    1. And thank you for stopping by! I love your cards, you are so crafty!! I wish I had a tenth of your talent!


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