Monday, December 3, 2012

looking for inspiration on the web

I think I mentioned somewhere that I have recently started using Twitter again. I have to tell you, I still have mixed feelings about it. It's a thrill for sure, when someone else re-tweets something you said or mentions you in a tweet. But it still feels a bit stalker-ish to me. I mean, I don't really know these people I am following so closely.

I was hugely thrilled yesterday morning when an actor I follow responded to me. It was just a "hey there, I see you stalking me" kind of moment, he was just letting his fans know he was alive. It was very cool. But also weird. Maybe I will get used to the weird, but I kind of hope not. :-/ It just seems to me that stalkers shouldn't get too comfortable, ya know??

Anyway, I have also found Twitter to be a source of inspiring thoughts and quotes. I have shared a few here and there with you. I actually have a lot more. Almost a whole journal full. For that reason, I will keep using Twitter. But I am still a Facebook girl at heart. There I can connect with family and friends. I can see pictures of my nieces and nephews, and feel really connected to the lives of some of the most precious people in my heart. And that may be just about the most inspiring thing ever. When I am feeling down, I can log in and reach out to my sisters (who live in another state) or a friend from high school and instantly receive love and support. I can go to my prayer group and ask for prayer and someone will always respond. That is, hands down, the best inspiration out there.

WOW! Look at the time. I really have to stop typing and go get ready for work. Before I go though, I was wondering, where do you find your inspiration?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Just some random beauty I picked up somewhere. :-)


  1. I'm socially inept but I gravitate toward twitter. Facebook makes me feel like I've just been caught in my underwear. So exposed.
    Thanks for the visit Tamara

    1. LOL! I can appreciate that! I just can't get the hang of Twitter! Somehow I have ended up with a ton of teens in my followers. And of course I felt obligated to follow them back. Now my feed is filled with tons of garbage. Literally. This is what I get for being a fan of a show that they all like too. ;-)

  2. I agree with you about the Twitter-inspiration! I love all the quotes and wisdom that people share. Some of them I actually turn into quote images :) One thing I have learned is that if someone is posting stuff that doesn't "grow me" then I stop following. I know some people follow everyone who follows them... but sometimes that just doesn't work!

    1. Yes, I am learning that. Do you know if there is a way to "hide" people from your feed? I know you can on Facebook, but Twitter? I really like connecting with fans of some of my favorite shows (this is how I got the chance to write for both the Fanbolt website and the Falling Skies Blog) but really, there is a ton of crap in my feed now! :-(

      Oh! and how do you make those quote images? I need to do that!


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