Friday, November 16, 2012

Important numbers

Okay, today I am attempting to tackle the writing prompt "Numbers" from GBE2 (Group Blogging Experience 2).

At first I thought I might share with you how much I dislike math, how I struggled with it in school. How anything more that the simplest addition or subtraction requires a pen and paper at the very least, and another person with a calculator if I can swing it. But after more thought I decided I would tell you about the numbers that are important to me. Not my bank balance or my years to retirement mind you, because the 1st one is depressing and I don't think the 2nd one will ever happen. But the really important numbers. The ones that shape who I am.

I was 13 years old when I got saved and baptized.
I was 11 years old and in the 6th grade when I met my husband. I had just started a new school in a new town. I will never forget those beautiful brown eyes and quick smile. He was such a charmer!
I was 20 when we married.
0 is for the number of children we have. This number used to make me sad, but I am at peace with it now.
I have 4 parents. Both my step mom and step dad have passed away now, but they are still mine. Forever and always.
I have 2 beautiful younger sisters on my dad's side.
I have 0 siblings on my mom's. This means it's all on me, which is really scary sometimes.
I have 4 nieces and 4 nephews who I don't see as often as I like.
I have 2 cousins by marriage that I tend to think of as nieces. They are the daughters of my best friend growing up, who just happened to be my husband's cousin. She was 28 when she was killed in a car accident. Her death forever changed me in ways I could have never imagined.
16 is for the number of years I have been with my current employer. I will likely be there until I die or they throw me out.
I have 3 aunts, my dad has 1 sister and my mom has 2.
I have 3 cousins on my dad's side and 3 on my mom's. I am not close to any of them though. I envy people who have close contact and strong friendships with their cousins.
0 is for the number of living grandparents. My maternal grandmother passed away earlier this year. This number makes me sad.
924 is the number of page views this blog has had since I started it in late August. I tell myself this number doesn't matter, but it really does. Why write a blog if you aren't looking to share it with the world??

Okay, that's it. The numbers of greatest importance to me. The ones that most shape the person I am, that have the greatest impact on who I want to be.

So, if you stuck with me to the end, how about sharing some of your important numbers with me? :)


  1. Love it!! I guess I am a "regular" now. You've got me hooked! Happy Friday sweet friend! :)

    1. Thank you, Aimee, for being such a great friend and supporter!

  2. Just visiting from NaBloPoMo, and glad I dropped by. You've got some great numbers there. I'm prompted to do some of my own number-crunching now! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Susan! I appreciate you stopping by to read and leave a comment! :-)

  3. I was in 5th grade when I was saved and in 8th grade when I was baptized. I have just 1 parent left, 0 grandparents left, 3 siblings -1 brother and 2 older sisters. I have 2 horses, 2 donkeys, 2 dogs, 1 goat and 1 cat. 3 beautiful children - 1 son who was adopted at birth but still a huge part of my life -1 daughter who axes me every day with her numerous abilities and 1 son who is supposed to keep me young but I sometimes am just not sure how. My husband and best friend of 21 years and counting.

    1. My friend Rhonda stopped by to visit! Hello friend! Those are some impressive numbers, thank you for sharing them! Love you bunches. :-

  4. Numbers, in a way, do rule our life, don't they?

    1. Yes they do. Though I believe it is up to us to choose if that's a good or a bad thing. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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